Insite Technology, LLC in Pellston MI is Northern Michigan's source for computer service.


401 Pine St.
Harbor Springs, MI 49740

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We understand the needs of custom configured systems for pc gaming and home entertainment. Our computer systems can be designed and tweaked to maximize your gaming experience and can also be designed to be powerful and stylish enough for a home theater PC.

Insite Technology is Northern Michigan’s personal computer sales and service company. We specialize in customized computer solutions for nearly any application. Our custom computer systems are being used by local businesses, municipalities, and hardcore gaming enthusiasts for applications ranging from CAD to accounting software. They are also dominating thier competition at local LAN events and online games.

We are also able to bring budget based value systems to our customers on nearly any budget. The value systems are competitive to “big box” systems in most ways. Though our systems are always mindfull of your budget, they offer a hands on craftsmanship not found in factory built systems, and a level of owner involvement that truely makes the system your own.

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