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The big new right now is that we have moved from our old location inside Nyes Used Books and More to our new shop at 6251 Bogardus St. Our new shop has double the repair bay space so we can service your PC sooner and more efficiently. It also has VASTLY more bandwidth. (VERY happy ME!)


Our most exciting news lately is our new and massively upgraded website. This site was masterfully created by Chris at Nye's Web Design. It includes many new features most notably our new support page. This give you, our client, access to several levels of PC support 24/7 with options ranging from a prescheduled remote assistance session to instant live chat. If you like the way our site looks and would like information on a premium site of your own, contact us!


There are 10 kinds of people in the world:

Those who can read binary;
And those who cannot.


"There's no place like".



This is where I will offer our answers to the most common questions asked by our clients.

Q: When is Microsoft getting rid of Vista?

A: Microsoft usually supports several operating systems at once, so even after the release of Windows 8, you will not be "rid of Vista" for what may be several years, or more likely until the replacement for Windows 8 launches. But don't take my word for it, here is what Microsoft has to say about it:

Q: Do I need to upgrade to Windows 8 now that it is available?

A: Windows 8 has been available for retail purchase since late October 2012. It is widely used and very well recieved thus far. The release issues of previous windows launches have so far been avoided. The new operating system seems to be very stable and easy to use. With features like unified desktop integration, built in MSE antivirus rebranded as Windows Defender, and a non-invasive simple end user upgrade from all Windows OS versions as far back as XP, it is probably the most retro-compatible Windows platform to date. That said, should you upgrade? Well, that depends on what OS you are currently using and what your needs and expectations are. If you are currently using Windows Vista and are happy with it, then my advice is to not upgrade. If it isn't broke, don't fix it... However if you are unhappy with your current OS, then an upgrade may be exactly your solution. Also, if you are using Windows XP in any version, understand that Microsoft will not support it forever. (see the above post) Check out Windows 8 yourself:

Q: I am looking at a Netbook or Ultrabook that has Ubuntu or ChromeOS for an Operating System instead of Windows. Is Ubuntu better? Is ChromeOS better?  Should I buy it?

A: First, I will never tell anyone what they should or should not buy. I believe that your computer should be 'YOUR-PC'. Whether or not you would be happy with Ubuntu or ChromeOS really depends on what your level of computer savvy is and what you want to use it for. To understand what I mean, you need to understand what these different Operating Systems are.  Ubuntu is in a nutshell, a Linux based operating system that is written and supported by a community effort ( ChromeOS is a PC optimized version of the Android OS that is on many smartphones.  They do not run programs the same way windows does, so you have to have an amount of expertise or at least patience to use it as your main computing platform. I am not saying that it can't run all the programs you need or want, but it may not be as easy for the layman as windows is. However, in this case, we are talking about a Netbook or Ultrabook, which is usually little more than an AWESOME smartphone used to connect you to your internet, email and social apps. In this role, Ubuntu shines. I am not sure about ChromeOS, I personally strongly dislike Google and thier OS projects, but that is just me...  Also, like any new software, there will be a period of acclimation while you learn your way around, but it may be worth it. The up side of any Linux OS is that the OS, its programs, apps and often support is FREE. They are also, arguably, less susceptible to viral attack.

Q: I have an antivirus suite that I have been using for years. I always keep it updated but I think I may have gotten a virus anyways. Is that even possible? If so, did i buy a bad antivirus program?

A: The most important thing to remember is that, like the safety on a gun, your antivirus program can only HELP you stay safe. An antivirus suite is not a magical program that protects you from harm, it is a complex series of tests that checks each piece of data that it is asked to check against a database of harmfull code. No matter how good it is, or how much you paid for it, t is only a program. Only you and your safe computer use habits can come close to protecting you from viral invasion. Now days, virus' are written for one reason only, to steal your identity or trick you out of your hard earned money. Because they have a nearly endless stream of stolen funds, the people behind these viral infestations can afford to pay some of the most brilliant minds in programming today. Because of that, there is no way for you to stay truely safe. A few simple steps to be safer follow.

1: Always have and use a highly rated and reputiable Anti Virus Scanner with RealTime Protection.  Your best option for a quality scanner is MalwareBytes, which is availavle at the link on the right, in a free version or in the paid PRO version which I strongly recommend.  If you are looking for something different, want to add extra protection or otherwise need it, check out SuperAntiSpyware, which while it is not the recommended Malware/Virus scanner for my clients it does offer a nice realtime protection against Adware and Spyware, and is available in the link on the right. 

2:  When you are not going to be using your PC for a long period of time, SHUT IT OFF. There is no virus protection like your power button.

3: If you recieve an email from an unknown source, DELETE IT. If you were living without it yesterday, you probably can today, and if someone did send you something important and you dont get it, they will most likey mention it to you...

4: If a popup comes up on your screen, hold the 'alt' key and press 'F4'. This command forces what ever window is open on top to close immediately. This does not always work, but it may save you a costly repair bill.

5: Always get your updates! Just as these hackers are hired to steal your stuff, our legitimate software companies pay some of the OTHER most brilliant minds in programming to beat them, and the code that does that is sent to you automatically in your Microsoft, Adobe, and Java updates. If you have any software on your PC that you are not willing to update, you should consider removing it.

6: Last but not least, NOTHING IS FREE. not music, not videos, not apps or downloads. NOTHING! No matter what it is, there is always a cost. Be it in convinience, or security or just hard earned $$$. You will always pay. I can not count how many clients have come thru my office for virus removal because of an infected download of a 'free' song or video. Again, like that safety on the gun, only you can protect you from you. So the next time you are about to use Limewire or ANY torrent to 'share' someones music or video, remember, you can pay iTunes or you can pay me, but eventually, you will pay someone.

Q: No matter what happens to my PC, someone can always get my data back for me, Right?!

A: This is the biggest misconception of all. Yes, often someone like myself can take your broken, viral, or otherwise non-functioning PC and get your data back, but it is no sure thing. Like anything with moving parts, sometimes the hard drive itself dies. When that happens there is nothing I can do short of sending it in to a reputable data retrieval lab, and though they have a very high percentage of success, they are not a sure thing either. The only surefire way to keep from losing your data is to BACK IT UP! Backing up is simple. Use either a removable device like an external hard drive like the ones sold in my online store in conjuction with Windows Backup or even better the ACRONIS product linked at the right of this page, or use an online service to do it automatically for you like the one i offer here. Which ever way you choose, if you have a current backup, you should never have to panic over a drive failure.


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