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Your Specialist will diagnose and repair your system in real time without having to come to your location. 

Normal rates and conditions apply ($60 per hour, billed by the minute. There is a $15 minimun for remote support.)

If you are not a current customer with an open account in good standing , you may be asked to pay in advance via PayPal.

This service is currently available ONLY by appointment.
Please call, chat, or email us to schedule a remote support appointment.


My status  

If your computer can not be repaired remotely, we will contact you to schedule a service call (in current service area only).

We are working towards Live 24/7 on-demand remote service, but for now, please call to schedule an appointment



Please read these instructions and follow them to launch Insite Tech's remote support by ShowMyPC.

Always Call, Email, SMS or IM your technician to schedule your remote service call. If you are not connecting at your scheduled time, your technician will not accept your remote connection. New Clients may be prompted to enter your contact information and if needed, may be required to provide payment in advace either through the automated remote sytsem or via PayPal.

Clicking on the "connect to specialist" link in step one will start the connection process, there will be several steps, read them all before begining.



click this link
specialist link icon

You will immediately see a popup window that looks like this:


Click "Show My PC " on the window shown above. When you do you may see a popup screen that looks like this:

you may see this...

If you do, Please Click "Install" then proceed to step 3

If not, Please proceed to step 3:

you have arrivedWhen you see a window or popup that looks like this, the technician has access to your PC. You may minimize this window, but do not close it until your remote support session is over and your technician instructs you to do so or you will immediately end your support session. If at anytime you feel that you need to stop your session and remove the technician from your PC, closing this will immediatley end your session and will remove all control from your technician.

To End Your Remote Support Session:
To end your remote support session and remove the technician from your PC, simply close this window. MINIMIZING THIS WINDOW WILL NOT END YOUR SESSION. THIS WINDOW MUST BE CLOSED WHEN YOUR ARE FINISHED.

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